And here we are at the start of another Cyclocross season. I can't help but reflect on the last season or really the lack there of due to injury and realize how fortunate I am to be here able to race at all. I figure I'm already far ahead of where I was at this time last year because I wasn't hit by a truck yesterday! I'm not laying on the couch barely able to breath because of the pain...I'm here in Rochester ready to race today. What a blessing!

The only good that came out of that injury last year was a deeper appreciation for the support I have to do what I love. I still have back pain every day...and I'm sure I'll be in rough shape after racing 2 days this weekend...but I refuse to let that stop me from following my dreams and reaching my goals. The road will be a little tougher because of it, no doubt. However when I succeed it will be that much more meaningful.

So today I will go out there and "Be the Shark".

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